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Changzhou Yueyuan Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

Can be equipped with automatic dust removal system according to customer needs.

The series of presses produced by our company are widely used in wood processing, construction and decoration and other industries. For example, the mature veneer hot press is suitable for single/double-sided quick veneer of particleboard, medium density fiberboard and high density laminate flooring. The applicable plate sizes are 4x8 feet, 4x9 feet, 6x8 feet, 6x9 feet, 7x9 feet, 7x12 feet and other production and sales specifications.


Production Strength

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Take "production of high-tech, high-performance, high-quality products" as the technical principle.


After-sales Service
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We have a pragmatic and caring customer service team, which acts as a bridge for the company's internal and external communication.


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